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Yerevan "2800"

In honor of the greatest date in the history of the Armenian people, the 2800th anniversary of the founding of the 12th capital of Great Armenia, a limited collection of commemorative silver medals with a circulation of 2,800 copies was issued. On the obverse side of the medal is depicted the founder of the city, King Argishti I, and on the reverse side there is the modern building of the city hall of Yerevan. Each medal has it’s individual numbered. Attached there is a certificate with the number of the medal and the name of the owner. This magnificent gift will be a family heirloom that can be handed down from generation to generation.


Price - 65.000 AMD
Medal – 925 Silver
Weight (Medal) – 27gr
Diameter – 39mm
Milled edge – plain
Mintage – 2800 copies
Year made – 2018
Stone – black tuff / yellow felsite
Box – beechwood
Total weight – 484gr

The reign of Argishti I

King Argishti I governed Urartu (Van Kingdom) from 786 to 764 years BC. In the Assyrian sources it was called "Urartu", in the local cuneiform tablets - "Bianili" and "Nairi", and in the Bible - "Ararat". In old Persian and Elamite inscriptions of 517 BC Uratu is referred to as “Arminiya” and “Harminuya”. During the reign of Argishti I, the kingdom became the most powerful state of Western Asia. In 786-781 BC under the leadership of Argishti I, the boundaries of the Van Kingdom reached Asia Minor in the West, the Zagros Mountains in the East, and Babylonia in the South. In 782 BC Argishti I founded the city-fortress of Erebuni on the Arin-Berd hill. From the name of that city comes the name Yerevan.

Chronicals of Argishti I

In 1950 during the archaeological excavations around Erebuni fortress were discovered tablets dating from the times of Argishti I about the foundation of the city-fortress of Erebuni – Yerevan. The records say:
"Through the greatness of the God Haldi, Argishti, son of Menua, built this impregnable fortress and named it the city of Erebuni - for the benefit of the country of Bianili and for intimidating the enemies. The land was deserted and I did great things here. Through te greatness of the God Haldi, Argishti, son of Menua, the mighty King of country of Bianlini, the ruler of the city of Tushpa [Van]."

Assistance to Tavush region boundaries

The company will spend a part of proceeds of the sale of commemorative medal's collection on community redevelopment of Tavush region boundaries.

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